Monday, July 8, 2013

Make Your Own Cinnamon Sugar in Seconds!

Need cinnamon sugar for a recipe? Have a piece of toast with butter that needs something more? Want to add a special touch to French toast or pancakes? Make your own cinnamon sugar in seconds!

All you need is:
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
    Mix cinnamon and sugar in a bowl until thoroughly combined.


    1. I loved cinnamon sugar toast growing up. It was literally one of my favorite foods :)

    2. We keep cinnamon sugar on hand all the time, it's great on toast. I either store it in a pourable container (like we do sugar) or in a salt shaker. Salt shakers are good, because you're less likely to over pour.

      Stephanie - Gain Expopsure to Your Blog #3

    3. This is so simple but haven't thought about it. Thank you for sharing... I love cinnamon! :)

      H2OBaby - Follow Me #13 - Swap-bot