Friday, July 5, 2013

Dino Fun Sensory Tub

We put  together our  Dinosaur Sensory tub earlier today. It is loaded with all types of dino fun! It includes river rocks for the filler, so it is definitely our heaviest sensory tub yet! There are 4 different wooden dinosaurs that I painted, different dinosaurs in three different sizes, a wooden painted volcano, a wooden painted tree and bush, a glow in the dark dinosaur skeleton, plastic shrubbery, a T-Rex hat, artifact brushes (paint brushes), dinosaur eggs, and more! We also included some Dinosaur Fossils that we made out of coffee grinds and coffee (click here to make your own),a dinsoaur bone we made (click here to make your own),  and 2 different types of dinosaur eggs that we made (click here to make some).  We had a lot of fun putting this together and making the different items to go along with this!

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  1. My youngest is currently obsessed with dinosaurs, he loves everything about them :)