Friday, July 12, 2013

Glow Bubbles

We decided to try out Glow Bubbles by cutting open a few glow sticks and adding them to the bubble mixture.

The bubble mixture glowed, however when you blew the bubbles in the dark, you couldn't see them.
However, they did glow with the flash of  my camera or the use of a black light. 

We also tried mixing the bubble solution with acrylic glow in the dark paint, which is the bright green solution. We had much better results with the glow sticks.
Even though we didn't get the glowing bubbles that we hoped for, my kids still did have fun with the activity and it gave us a reason to blow bubbles in the house.


  1. Very cool. Sometimes trial and error is just a important as always having success. :)

    j3ss1ca Swap-bot Follow me #13

  2. That is so neat! My kids would have a blast with this idea :)

  3. I love your creativity! Trial and error, guided inquiry, and exploration keep childhood curiosity alive and instill a love of learning. You go, girl!
    Connie from Swap-Bot, Follow Me #13