Friday, July 19, 2013

Lot's of Fun with Easy to Make Bubble Blobs!!

We had so much fun making Bubble Blobs, we did this for over an hour and continued even when it began to rain! This is so simple to do and it is a great way to use up those mate-less socks, which there always seems to be an abundance of in my house. All you need is an empty water bottle, a sock, some dish soap, food coloring (if desired), and a container.
Cut the bottom of the water bottle off.

Fit socks snuggly around the bottom. If needed, you can use a rubber band to hold the sock in place.

Pour some liquid dish soap into a shallow container and add water. Dip the bottom of the bottle into the soapy mixture and blow.
Remind your children to blow and not suck in! I kept reminding my little guy, meanwhile my 12 year old took a huge breath in and ended up with a mouth full of soap!
To make colored bubble snakes, add some food coloring directly onto the bottom of the sock. Dip and blow.

My kids really had fun with this, we will definitely be doing it again!
They even had fun playing with the blobs that hit the floor and throwing them up in the air.


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  1. I love the colored ones, what a fun summer activity! My kids would be enamored with this for hours :)