Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fire Breathing Dragon Mask Craft

My son and I are working on putting together a Dragon Sensory Tub. I really like to add handmade items to our sensory tubs when possible, especially items that he made.  This craft was relatively easy and fun to make. It will be a fun addition to our sensory tub, but it is also a great stand alone craft for your toddler or preschooler or party favor for a knights and dragon party!
These are little dragon faces that "breathe fire" when a child blows into them.
I picked the green plastic cups up from the dollar store along with red, orange, and yellow crepe paper. I cut the bottoms of the cups off with scissors and then glued strips of the crepe paper to the inside of the opening. If you are making this for a child, low temp hot glue works great because it dries so quick. If a child is making this, glue dots are great to use because they hold in place and do not require any drying time. I cut 2 small rectangles out of cardstock and folded them in half to make the eyes pop out. We then glued the folded rectangles into place and added the eyes.
Now, my son can run around breathing fire like a dragon!

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