Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dinosaur Party Snacks

I had a lot of fun putting together my son's DINO-mite party,
 especially when it came to coming up with clever dinosaur snacks that I knew the kids would eat.
I mixed a bag of mini pretzel rods and the honey wheat pretzels in a bowl and called them
"Dinosaur Bones."

I put a clean plastic dinosaur into a plastic cup and filled it with water and froze them.
I put the dinosaur filled ice cubes in a bowl of Hawaiian Punch to make
"Dinosaur Punch."
The kids loved it!
Bugles were
"Dinosaur Toe Nails."
Every kid loves goldfish so I had to figure out a way to incorporate them...
"Pteranodon's Favorite Food--Fish"

Jelly Beans were
"Dinosaur Eggs."
Potato Chips were
"Dinosaur Scales"

I had a ton of Conversation Hearts left over from Valentine's Day which was the week before, so I decided to put the out as
"Dinosaur Hearts."
My son loves guacamole so I decided to use it to make a
"Dinosaur Swamp"
out of it.
I just put the guacamole in a bowl and added some clean plastic dinosaurs to stomp around in it.
I made these simple
"Dinosaur Nests"
out of jelly beans and egg cartons.
I made Dinosaur Chocolates...

and lollipops.
What kid wouldn't love these?
 Last, but not least, my
"Volcano Cakes."
I love the way these came out and they were a big hit with the kids!

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  1. Very cute and creative - well done! Great dinosaur-themed party ideas!

  2. Those are some neat ideas that I will have to try one day. Thanks for sharing

    Devgel~~Swapbot Follow me #24

  3. This is a cute idea :) I have a little brother who would absolutely LOVE this.

    1. I have some other cute dinosaur posts that you will have to check out for him ;)

  4. Magena, it shows you had great fun doing that party. Making memories for those little ones. So important in life. Way-ta-go. Following on all your gadgets. Hope you'll do the same for me even if we;re not swap-bot partners.
    Blessings, Coleen

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed doing it! I am following back :) Thanks for stopping by!