Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cat in the Hat Crafts-- His Hat and His Whiskers!

I love Dr. Seuss so when his birthday rolls around in March we play it up big. We have a big Dr. Seuss play date with my play group as well as do crafts and activities at home on our own. This week we focused on the Cat in the Hat. We made a hat out of cardstock and construction paper. The parents did the cutting for the most part and the kids did all of the gluing. We used letter hole punches to put each kid's name in a stripe, this way, everyone would know who's hat was who's. The kids also made the whiskers and a nose to go along with the story.
For the whiskers, we cut one white pipe cleaner in half, crisscrossed them, and glued them to a popsicle stick. We then glued a pop pom on for the nose. Since I wanted them to dry fast and I wanted the kids to be able to make them, we used the craft sized glue dots. Stick one directly on the popsicle stick to stick the pipe cleaners to and then one on top of the pipe cleaners to attach the pom pom nose.
Simple and cute!
These crafts will make a cute addition to our Cat in the Hat literacy basket!
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