Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So Much Fun with Our Glow Bath!

This weekend I went all out and planned a Glow Bath for my boys! 
I used about 8 non-toxic yellow highlighters to color the water (I cracked the plastic open and put the ink filled cotton into the running water) and a black light (I picked one up at Wal-Mart for under $11.00). I made some bath paints using shaving cream and a touch of neon acrylic paint to color them.  I also picked up some glow in the dark animals and dinosaurs from the dollar store for some extra glowing fun.  I set up some other random items that glow under the black light like neon orange pipe cleaners and neon pony beads.

With the lights on it looks like the green slime from Double Dare!

I found awesome neon planet wall stickers at the Dollar Tree-- for $1, I had to get them!

I bought a few bottles of Tonic-- it naturally glows blue under a black light.
 I turned the lights off and turned the black light on-- Instant GLOWING fun!! The kids had an absolute blast and look forward to doing it again!



  1. it didn't stain the tub or their skin?

    1. Nope! Everything washed right down the drain! I made my kids take a quick shower afterward. There were no stains left behind :)