Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sew or No Sew Bandana Apron

My kids have been wanting aprons for the  longest time. Finally, they got them.
This week, I made the simplest and most inexpensive aprons that I've ever made. I picked up my supplies at dollar store and was able to make 2 for $2.00! All you need is a bandana and coordinating ribbon. There is minimal sewing involved, or if you prefer, you can use heat and bond tape.

First, cut your ribbon long enough to wrap it around your waist and tie it in a bow. If you are going to sew, sew the ends so that the ribbon does not fray.
For the no sew apron, use some fray check on the ends so that they do not fray. 
Pin the middle of the ribbon on the bandana and sew it on.
If you are using heat and bond tape cut a piece the size of the apron and iron it on to the front of the bandana. Remove the paper backing from the Heat and Bond and center your ribbon on the center of the bandana. Turn ribbon and bandana over to iron together.
Quick and simple, huh?
These were so simple, I made 2 more for swaps that I am participating in on Swap-bot.
I whipped 4 of these up in no time!

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