Sunday, April 21, 2013

Making Music with Straw Flutes

My little guy and I are working on putting together a Music Sensory Tub. I figured these easy Flute Straws would be a fun addition to the tote.
They are so quick and make easy to make, all you need is some plastic straws, tape, and a pair of scissors.
Do not cut the first straw, keep it the full size. Cut off about an inch from the second straw, two inches from the third straw, three inches from the fourth store, and so on.
Line them up together and use a piece of tape to tape them all together. In the picture, the tape is underneath all of the straws and stuck to my thumb, but it is impossible to see the clear tape-- Sorry!
To use the flutes, do not put your mouth on the straws, blow into the holes of each of the straws and listen to the different sounds.
Here is my son having a blast with his straw flute.

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