Saturday, April 20, 2013

Number Snakes--Fun & Educational Ways to Upcylce Plastic Easter Eggs

Last week, I picked up a bunch of plastic Easter Eggs that were on sale for 25 cents. When I got home, I found some pipe cleaners, googley eyes, and a black Sharpie and got busy.
The eggs with the two holes on the top were perfect to make some counting caterpillars or snakes. I am participating in a Busy Bag Exchange with 12 other people, I figured the counting snakes would be perfect for this exchange. The snake is fun to play with and it allows the kids to practice number recognition and sequencing.
I used a permanent marker to number the bottom half of 10 eggs with the numbers 1-10.
I took a red pipe cleaner and tied a knot in it towards one end.
I glued a pair of googley eyes on the egg with the number 1 on it and laced the numbers in order onto the pipe cleaner. The knot in the pipe cleaner keeps the eggs from sliding off.
I trimmed the tongue down a bit...
I wrapped the end of the pipe cleaner around a paper clip to help keep the egg pieces together.
Pretty simple, huh?
When the kids want to play with it, all they have to do is take the paper clip off and slide the eggs off and put them back on in order.
I didn't want to waste all of the tops of the eggs, so, I used them to make a snake for play. I made it the same way, without the numbers and instead of using a paper clip to keep the eggs together, I glued the end on.
I decided to make my son a snake that goes up to 20. I also made him a set with the alphabet.

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