Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pretty & Super Easy Felt Rose Tutorial

Seeing that I have two boys, I like to mix things up every once in awhile and make some girly stuff. The other day, I decided to try to make some felt roses. I could not believe how simple and fun they were to make. There are so many fun things you can do with them! I think I may make a wreath out of them, one is spring colors and eventually, a heart shaped wreath covered in red roses. They would be absolutely adorable additions to girls hair clips and headbands!
Before I start, let me apologize for the pictures, it is extremely difficult to take pictures while I am doing something! LOL I have yet to master that skill!

First, start with a square of felt. The larger the square, the larger the rose. As you can see, the square does not have to be perfect.

Cut the 4 corners of the square off to make it a rounded square.  
Start at any corner, it doesn't matter which one and cut a spiral pattern. My cutting is completely free hand and is far from even, believe it or not, it makes for a prettier rose. In the middle of your spiral, there will be a small square.


Start with the outside corner and tightly roll it up.

Roll it so that one side stays even and the other side will form the petals of the rose.

When you get to your little square, you are just about finished.

Glue the square to the bottom of the flower. I prefer hot glue, I think it is the best glue for felt, plus it dries in seconds. 

Trim any excess off the square and you are done!

A beautiful felt rose. Now to decide what to use it for!


  1. I just made one following your directions and it was so easy! I'm thinking of putting one on a hairclip!

  2. I'm so glad! They are so cute, they would look adorable on a hairclip or a headband!

  3. So simple and cute! Making felt flowers has been on my long list of things to make. So many crafts, so little time.