Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bath Time is Fun When it Glows Blue!

Tonight, we had our second glow bath, this one was blue. Pretty cool, huh? The kids definitely thought so! 

The blue glow bath is quite a bit easier than the yellow one, at least I think so.
All I did is fill the tub with water like I normally would and added 5- 2 liter bottles of Tonic Water.
Turn the lights off and the Black Light(I picked mine up at Wal-Mart for under $11) on and you have yourself a Blue Glow Bath!

Make some glowing Bath Paint to go along with it.
I used a little bit of neon acrylic paint instead of food coloring, but neon food coloring would work too.

By the time the kids were finished with the bath paint, not only was the entire bathtub glowing, but so were they!
The beauty of it all is that it all washes off and goes down the drain!
For more glow bath fun, check out the yellow Glow Bath!

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  1. (I typed a long comment here before, but accidentally closed the window... so I'm typing it again)

    Anyways, I did enjoyed reading this blog. Really liked the brownies, the sensory tubs, and the bath time activities :))

    The bath time just made me think, "What if we had a bath tub, I wonder what will I do?"


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