Saturday, November 9, 2013

Turkey Cupcakes for Thanksgiving

These little Turkey Cupcakes were the highlight of one of our playdates last week! Not only did the kids enjoy eating them, but they had a blast putting them together! With a little help, even the younger kids were able to make a turkey cupcake of their own. These would be absolutely adorable for a children's Thanksgiving party or for a special kid's dessert on Thanksgiving.
To make your own turkey cupcakes, you will need cupcakes, chocolate icing (if you don't like chocolate, you could try to dye vanilla icing brown), black cake gel for the eyes (you could also use a dab of icing to stick mini chocolate chips on for the eyes), Fruit Rollups (you could also use Fruit By the Foot), Vienna Cookies (Nutter Butter Cookies work great too), and some toothpicks.
We got the rainbow fruit rollups and cut them into strips. You will need 1 Fruit Rollup per cupcake that you want to make.

Fold each strip over a toothpick to make the feathers.
         Before you fold over the red and yellow pieces, cut a little piece off to make the gobble (red) and a little triangle for the beak (yellow).

Ice the cupcakes and get decorating!!
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