Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The First Thanksgiving Bracelet

I made these bracelets with the children in my playgroup at our Thanksgiving party to help them understand and retell the story of the first Thanksgiving. Each bead represents an important part of he first Thanksgiving and the events that led up to it.
The first brown bead represents the pilgrims who fled England seeking religious freedom.
The second bead is white, it represents the white sails of the Mayflower, the ship the pilgrims sailed on.
Next, is 3 blue beads that represent the huge ocean that the pilgrims sailed across to reach the New World. It was a long, long trip.
The green bead represents the land that the pilgrims finally saw!
The 3 white beads represent the very long and hard winter and all of the snow that came during the pilgrims first winter.
The light green bead represents the arrival of Spring.
The tan bead represents the Native American Indians that helped the pilgrims and taught them how to plant vegetables and live off of the land.
The last four beads represent the first Thanksgiving feast:
red for cranberries,
yellow for corn,
brown for turkey,
and orange for pumpkin.
Before the Native American's and the pilgrims ate, the all joined hands (twist the ends of the pipe cleaner closed) and spoke of everything that they were thankful for.


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