Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tissue Paper Leaf Sun Catcher

We had a blast making our Tissue Paper Leaf Sun Catchers at our playdate last week, they were so much fun that we had to make another one! This is a great craft for a playdate or for a Fall party because it is easy to do and is very inexpensive. 
You can pick up everything you need in the dollar store-- clear contact paper, colored tissue paper, and construction paper. You will also need a pencil, a piece of string, scissors, and a hole punch.
Fold 1 piece of construction paper in half. Draw or trace (Google leaf template images) a leaf onto the paper and cut it out. Then cut small squares out of the tissue paper. A little goes a log way, I cut 1 strip off of each piece of tissue paper and then cut it into small squares.
Cut a rectangular piece of contact paper that when folded in half, will fill the leaf window that you made in the paper. Remove the paper from half of the contact paper and cover it with small pieces of tissue paper. Be sure to overlap the piece of tissue paper like you are making a collage.
Remove the paper backing from the other half of the contact paper and fold it over the side that has the tissue paper.

Open your construction paper and place your contact paper/tissue paper sandwich inside, covering the leaf window.
Glue and/or tapethe contact paper to hold it in place between both sides of the construction paper.

You can leave your sun catcher as is or trim it with your scissors.
Punch a hole in it and put your sting threw to hang it.

The sun shines nicely through it-- today was not a very sunny day, it actually snowed and rained all day, but you get the idea!
I am planning on making more of these with my little one in different designs, I will keep you posted!

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