Sunday, June 23, 2013

Swamp Play WITHOUT the Swamp!!

My kids had a blast playing in the swamp in their sand and water table!
It was so simple to set up and they had hours of fun with it!  All I did is prepare 2 packages of Lime Jell-O by following the directions on the box.

After the Jell-O was refrigerated and reached it's Jell-O consistency, I dumped it in one half of the table and added some plastic frogs and bugs.
I filled the other side of the table with water and added some plastic tadpoles, fish, and frog eggs. 

They had so much fun playing with the Jell-O!  


  1. My boys would love the feel of the jello :) What a fun idea!

  2. What a fun idea. I love the simple aspect of this yet it's still tons of fun.

    ~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot: Gain exposure to your blog 3!)

  3. That looks like fun and I am an adult!
    Love your blog