Sunday, June 2, 2013

Freeze Dough Ice Cream Pallor-- Keep Cool and Play!!

Let's Play!!! To set up your pretend ice cream stand, all you need is an ice cream scoop, some ice cream cones (I picked mine up in the dollar store), and some Freeze Dough!
Freeze Dough is basically frozen shaving cream in a container. We kept it simple and only made "vanilla ice cream" to play with, but you can easily add food coloring to the freeze dough to make different "flavors."
I gave him an ice cream scoop and some ice cream cones to play with and placed my order...

Before I knew it, my order was up, his hands were dirty, and he was nice and cool!
Next time, we are going to make a bunch of different "flavors" to play with!



  1. I love this idea, very low cost and alot of fun. What a great day your son (and you) must have had! I hope to try this out on my grandson very soon :) Thanks for sharing :) Swap-bot Follow Me #11

  2. Well this was cool and funny! I didn't know that you can make Freeze Dough through shaving cream. Someday, I might just get that idea. :)

    Abigail (abbyaguas)
    Follow me #11