Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun with Color Changing Magic Potion!!

We had a blast with this color changing magic potion!! Not only did we have fun with it, but we learned quite a bit in the process too! Did you know that red cabbage juice is a natural pH indicator?  Well you do now!
You will need a cup, Red Cabbage, and white vinegar or lemon juice.
First you have to make your red cabbage juice-- Take a few leaves of red cabbage, put them in a pot of water and bring it to a boil.
Remove the leaves & let the purple potion cool.
When you are ready, pour the purple potion into a glass.

 Add lemon juice or vinegar, a little bit at a time.
We used a dropper, but you can just as easily pour it into the cup.
Watch as the color changes to reddish pink color. 
The more you add, the prettier pink it turns!
Check out this link for the scientific explanation.

To test this further, we added baking soda to the pink potion...

The potion turned purple again!
Think of all the things you can experiment with!!


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