Sunday, June 9, 2013

Almonds Are Delicious and Great for Your Health!

I thought I would share this article about Almonds that I found on I always knew almonds were good for me and my children, but I never realized how good they really are. Read the article below and see for yourself!!

Almond is the most popular and nutritional dry fruit among all. It is found in many countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel. It is a proven fact, that if we take almond daily in our diet, it will provide a lot of energy and save us from many diseases. It is also said that almond is a nutritious nut, rich in Vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium. Small amount of zinc, selenium, copper and niacin is also present in almonds. Almonds are found in two forms i-e sweet and bitter.

Sweet almonds are used in many different foods and sometimes added as an ingredient in many deserts and snacks also, whereas bitter almonds are used in making of almond oil. Both the types have their own benefits. Mostly almonds are preferred in the morning with empty stomach, so that all nutrients should be absorbed by the body. That‘s why people usually soak them at night in water and eat them in morning. Some more benefits of almond are given here for you:
Burns Fat:
Weight conscious people and people with heavy belly should add almonds in their diet as it burns fat. It is also known as the best fat burning food because it contains the good fiber content. Mono saturated fats found in almond prevent the person from overeating and satisfies appetite.
Balance the blood pressure:
Almonds are beneficial for the people having bold pressure problem. It contains potassium which regulates the blood pressure.

Energy boosting:
Almond is an energy boosting nut which also take part in the development of brain cells. Due to these qualities it is highly recommended for growing children. The nutrients like copper, magnesium and riboflavin produce energy in our body.
Prevent heart problems:
Many nutrients found in almond are very beneficial for the heart especially vitamin E, which provides a healthy shield to the heart and prevent it from many diseases. Almonds also reduce homocysteine level in the body which is the main reason of blockage in arteries.
Reduce constipation:
Many experiments have shown that an almond helps to reduce the constipation and regulate the proper movement of bowel. It is also recommended to drink lots of water after eating almonds as it clears the intestines and also helps in digestion.
Good for skin:
Almond oil is not only good for the skin but also for hair. It is also recommended by doctors for new born babies for their proper skin growth. It is also used in many cosmetics products as it helps to increase skin complexion.
Helps in Pregnancy:
As almonds contain folic acid which is the best source of energy for the mother and the fetus. It also helps in reducing many defects from the baby.
Prevent cancer and diabetes:
Almonds balance the blood sugar level in the blood and protects from diabetes by regulating the insulin level. Almonds also prevent from the from colon cancer by controlling the development of cancerous cells in the body.

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