Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Day Sensory Tub/Tote

Today, we put together our Valentine's Sensory Tub.
For those of you that do not know what a sensory tub is,
it is tub or a bin that you fill up with various items to let your child be hands-on. Sensory activities provide children with another meaningful avenue of learning. The tub can have a theme or include random miscellaneous items. I tend to stick with a theme, because I just find it to be more fun that way.

It is filled with all things Valentine's!
There are a ton of different hearts, including stuffed felt hearts, cookie cutters, erasers, and ornaments. There are little arrows I made from pipe cleaners and felt scraps. I also put some of my simple Felt Roses in.
I used this container of conversation heart foam stickers as the filler. I picked it up last year when it was on clearance for 75% off, I knew I'd put them to good use one way or another!

I also made a heart button snake to put in our tub. Button Snakes are quick and simple to make and they help preschoolers with their hand and eye coordination.
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