Monday, August 19, 2013

Easy Peasy Counting Busy Bag

This busy bag never gets old! Seeing that I get my little silicon ice cube trays in the dollar store, I can change them up often to keep it "new."
To make your own, head to the dollar store and pick up a silicon ice cube tray, a permanent marker, and some pony beads.
Use the marker to number the sections and your child is read to play! Have them add the appropriate number of beads to each section. As they get older, they can sort the beads by color and then count them out. Simple but fun!


  1. Have you made crayons in muffin tins from broken crayons? It's pretty fun :)

    -Zefaniya (Follow me #15)

    1. We have made them using silicon ice trays like these-- same thing the trays just give you a variety of shapes. They are a lot of fun!