Monday, August 19, 2013

Adorable Felt Bat Stuffies

I made these bats for an exchange I recently participated in. The exchange was for the book Stellaluna, which is a story about a little bat that gets lost and is raised by birds. I figured with Halloween right around the corner, I'd share them. I plan on making some more of these for my son to give to his friends for Halloween. They are adorable and easy to make. I hand sewed them together and they are made from black felt and black pipe cleaners. I used a pattern found on All Things Crafty. My son wanted googley eyes on them instead of buttons, which I ended up really liking. Cute, huh? My son loves his!


  1. They are very cute! And so handy to make some more for Halloween. It sounds so easy to make:-) The upper wings seem hairy and that makes them a bit scary .... lol .... I like your bats. Lucine for Follow me #15 @

  2. How cute!! Perfect for Halloween treats!!
    ~davisbabe from Swap-Bot