Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Candy Bar-- A Birthday Party Hit!!

The new party craze seems to be a Candy Bar. Not a candy bar like a Hershey's bar, but a bar made of candy on display and in jars that you can help yourself to. I must say, that is my kind of bar!!
 This is a picture of my friend's candy bar that she put together for her daughter's Candy Land themed birthday party. It came out awesome and it was an absolute hit with the kids and parents too! Another thing that I liked about it, it served triple duty-- it was a decoration that went perfectly with the theme, a party activity for the kids, and the party favor! The kids came up in small groups, picked a giant pixy stick and lollipop (the girls got flower lollipops and the boys got the rainbow spinning ones), and fill their bags with whatever the wanted to take home.
In March, I graduated my second group Webelos Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. For our Blue and Gold ceremony, which is like their graduation and celebration, we created a candy bar to go along with our pirate theme. Milk Duds were cannon balls, Swedish Fish were the Ocean Fish, Pretzel Rods were Wooden Planks... It was so much fun and also a huge hit with everyone! The kids loved that they got to take home a goodie bag! I even made my own goodie bag ;)


  1. Okay, the candy bar thing is fantastic. I love the idea of letting them pick and choose.

    When my girlfriend's brother got married, they had a candy bar, but it was tucked in a corner and no one knew about it until late in the reception. They did a beautiful job with it. It's the only one I've actually seen.

  2. Personally I love Cake Pops! They have recently become to popular in the UK. ~ Washi (SB)