Monday, May 20, 2013

Pocket-Size Fishing Game in an Altoid Tin

Recently, I participated in an Upcycled Kids Altoid Tin Swap. I decided to make these cute little fishing games. The great part about putting it in an Altoid tin is that they are travel size and fit
easily in your pocket or purse! This is a great game to keep in your purse for when you are at the doctors or waiting in line at the grocery store. It was so easy to make too!
I used fish foamies that I had, but you could easily cut your own fish out foam paper or felt. I glued a small washer in between 2 foam fish with my hot glue gun. I tied and glued a string to a small unsharpened pencil (you could use dowel rods for your pole too) and a strong magnet on the other end. I glued a piece of blue paper on the cover with Modge Podge, to cover the word Altoid, but that is not a necessary step. 

My game is already to go! Go Fish! Or dolphin!

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