Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easy Easter Wreath Craft for Kids

This weekend, my husband and my older son went camping with our Boy Scout Troop. Unfortunately, it was a very rainy weekend, it rained all three days of their trip.
With them away, it left my little guy and I with the house to ourselves. We decided to make it a craft weekend. This easy Easter Wreath is one of the crafts we made.
I love simple crafts that I can make with things that I have on hand!
We used a paper plate, a little Easter grass, construction paper, and school glue.
I cut out some egg shapes from construction paper using a template that I found on Google.
For a standard paper plate, you will need 6-7 eggs.
I cut the middle out of the paper plate to make our "wreath."
 I put glue all over the plate and my son stuck some grass onto it.
We put more glue on the eggs and he placed them where he wanted them.
He added a little Easter Bunny to the middle.
We let it dry and then I trimmed the grass with scissors.
He enjoyed making his wreath so much that he wanted to make a second one!
I had him "decorate" the eggs with crayons for the second one.

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